Gliu Sciuscio: during the night between 31st December and 1st January many orchestras made of local musicians play music instruments built by themselves. They go through the town playing Christmas and traditional songs.



    Festività della Madonna di Porto Salvo: on the second Sunday of August there is a traditional procession with the Madonna di Porto Salvo, the patron of anglers and sailors. The procession takes place on the sea. Many boats follow the boat bringing the Madonna. A crown of flowers is thrown in the sea and it is dedicated to all the people who died in the sea. This ceremony is very touching.


    La tiella e l’oliva di Gaeta: this cultural event is dedicated to promote the ‘tiella’, that is two pasta discs, made of flour, oil, salt, yeast, with spinaches, or other vegetables or fish. This dish was created by King Ferdinand IV.