According to some scholars near the coast of Sperlonga there was Amiclae, the mysterious town founded bysperlonga Laconi people. Romans “discovered” this place at the end ofRepublicanperiod, and built magnificent villas. They were attracted by the beauty of this coast and by the mild climate. The name of Sperlonga comes from the presence of several natural caves, called ‘speluncae’ in Latin. After the fall of Roman Empire, local populations used the ruins of the imperial residence, around VI century, as a refuge. They were the first inhabitants of Sperlonga and the village was developing along S. Magno hill. They escaped from the illnesses of the marshes and pirates’ invasions. The village was destroyed in 1534 by the men of pirate Khair ad – Din, called Redbeard.
During 1700 and 1800, Sperlonga developed and took the present shape of a “turtle”. Churches and palaces were built.

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